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Why AKA Virtual Assistant? Why now?

None of us are getting any younger – but getting older is in fact a good thing.

Age allows a different perspective to be sought and a better understanding of what you want next and (more importantly) what you don’t!

Running around after everybody else constantly, with hardly a moment for yourself sounds all too familiar for many people, including me.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream - CS Lewis


Always wanting to be the best in every role I have (Mum, Wife, Executive Assistant, Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Friend, Neighbour, the list is endless!) I was finding it increasingly difficult to be all things to all people.

I knew that running everywhere to catch that train, make that meeting, take that call, meet that deadline could not last forever and it was definitely not something I wanted to do in my later years.

I then faced a crossroads in my career…

My mind is certainly still active (I love learning!) but my body is not as it was when I was 27! A Sunday evening would approach and the feeling of the week of commuting was a psychological hurdle for me to conquer. If I could just ‘appear’ at my desk, the childminder’s, the after school club (and so on) it would be so much easier.

So I decided to invent a teleport machine…

And when I discovered that I didn’t have the scientific skills to move me from my home in sunny Bromley to my office in Mayfair, I decided to sit down and reflect on what I was good at – what I was really good at.

And AKA Virtual Assistant was born

I enjoyed what I did: being the first person someone would approach if they needed something. Being trusted with everything (including but not limited to bank accounts, holiday itineraries, medical records, school reports and the dogs’ wellbeing!). Pre-empting many things before my boss knew they were even a thing! Acting as Counsellor, Diplomat and Confidante.

When I asked myself (and it was only myself that could answer such a thing) how I could continue doing what I enjoyed and being all things to all people, I decided to take on more responsibility and an increased workload and make what I loved doing my own.

I had, after all, 20 years of experience running around and working for other people and with the challenges that I faced becoming routine and ordinary in a corporate role, I relished the change so that I could do it for myself.

My family was nothing more than supportive – they believed in me and that, together with my determination, allowed AKA Virtual Assistant to be born.

The Now or Never Conundrum

You will always find that it’s not the right time to do something. “We need more money to have a baby”, “I shouldn’t take on that challenge because life is stressful at the moment”, “What if it doesn’t work?” and so on.

I am fortunate that I am decisive in nature – I need to be in my role! And I have never been afraid to try things that I don’t know. I put that down to my genuine love of learning. There was never a thought of “Is this the right time?” for me – the only thought I had was if I can launch AKA Virtual Assistant now, I would have more time to enjoy it before I take the journey into retirement (a long way away!)

The Balance

For me, life is very (very!) busy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But I schedule my own time and keep my own diary (exercise is liberating after not having the time to do it in the last 10 years!) as well as communicate with people that have heard about me and what I am doing and show a genuine interest (a huge and encouraging boost to know that I am doing things well).

The biggest lesson in all of this is that I am constantly learning – and all the reasons I launched my own business have taken a back seat because I know I can do that part really well and I want to make sure I start off on the right foot by setting AKA Virtual Assistant up in the best way I can. What I am learning and continue to learn is invaluable to me and I am enjoying the journey.

To find out further what AKA Virtual Assistant can help you with, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.



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