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K L Aspden

Author of ‘Help I’ve Got an Alarm Bell Going Off in My Head!’

Anna is both friendly and professional. I asked for her support with the manuscript of my new children’s book (approximately 20,000 words). She gave me very detailed feedback and she also proof read the text.

Anna is generous in what she gives, and very thorough. She spotted errors which I had overlooked and offered very specific ideas to improve the project.

If you want an efficient, helpful service you should choose Anna. She is reliable and accurate, whilst offering encouragement at the same time. I would definitely recommend her if you want someone dependable and accurate to support you in your work.

Claire Holt

Communications Director / Interim Communications & Change Consultant / Executive Coach & Independent Trustee

Anna is brilliant at organising you from a distance and simply doing the job you need her to do.  Efficiently and diligently. 


Entirely trustworthy, operating with high integrity - Anna is all you would expect and more from a virtual PA. 


She's there to make life easier for you! 

Private Personal PA

UHNW Client

Great.  Just finished reading through [the Minutes of the meeting], very thorough, excellent!

Adam Chivers

Business Owner

IC Web Design

Working with Anna over the last 12-18 months it has been an absolute pleasure, she's incredibly focussed, engaging and responsive to the businesses needs.

Lauren G

Parade Design

Anna is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the work she undertakes. She's professional, friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to others.

Lizzie Bentley Bowers

Leadership and Performance Coach

The Causeway Coaching

I contacted Anna when I realised that too many things were staying on the to do list and they were distracting me both in terms of time and energy from the things I really needed to focus on.


I felt immediately comfortable talking to Anna and working together on the ways she could support me.


As a result of working with Anna not only is the to do list in a much, much better place, but I have been able to utilise her suggestions and creative thinking and the systems she has put in place to manage the work/life juggle more efficiently on an ongoing basis. 


I trust Anna implicitly and have appreciated working with someone who combines warmth and thoughtfulness with efficiency and focus. I fully intend to work with her again in the future.

Award Winning PA

Personal Assistant awarded 'Temp of The Year'

Anna took me under her wing early on in my professional life. Young and clueless as I was, Anna invested huge amounts of time and energy in me. She supported my development and learning, on a daily basis, for a number of years. It was due to Anna’s mentoring and support that I was able to progress, grow in confidence and even win an award from the prestigious recruitment agency, Angela Mortimer, as ‘Temp of the Year’. 


Learning from Anna’s ways of working enabled me to go onto the career I had always wanted. I’m very grateful to Anna for teaching me the core skills of; precision, multi-tasking, prioritising, corresponding effectively and pre-empting issues. Anna is also fiercely loyal and supportive. Provided you are happy to learn and work hard, Anna will do the rest!

Steph Lockwood

Executive Assistant

I was lucky enough to meet Anna very early in my career and it’s no exaggeration to say working with her was a game changer for me.


Anna is patient, thoroughly thoughtful in her practices and has many years of experience to back up her boundless knowledge. She has a huge wealth of logical, wise, proven advice which every PA, EA or VA would be lucky to benefit from. 


Many years later I am still an EA and, on a daily basis, rely heavily on all of the things Anna taught me - from the little things to the large. I have lost count of the number of times I have thought “I’m so grateful Anna instilled this habit in me” when her methodology has helped me to navigate a challenging work situation.


There is no doubt in my mind that her training and mentoring put me ahead in my career.

Kevin Dennison

Business Owner

I would highly recommend Anna’s services and AKA Virtual Assistant as she has the intuitive ability to know what I need but struggle articulating.  This is a key skill in terms of helping me deliver the highest quality of service.  


Anna is speedy and efficient beyond measure and I know that my work will take a priority and come back within the expected timescales.  This allows me to have confidence and present the best quality of work to my clients.

Kate Stark

Business Owner

I am so glad for working with Anna, my emails were beginning to overwhelm me and just an hour of her time she was able to organise and file so many of them that it really took some of the stress away.

Anna is a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for support.  Her explanations and support with how to stay on top of my inbox will be of much help for the future too.

Steve Jamieson

CEO and General Secretary

The College of Podiatry

Anna, you are a true professional and a wonderful person too.

Your work ethic is of such a high standard.

Kim Algar

Business Owner

Anna is the best! 


I have been working with Anna for 6 months now and it's been life changing in so many ways. 


Thank you.

Andrew Tyler


Knight Frank LLP

I have known Anna for over 15 years and during that time she has proved to be the ultimate professional. Always reliable, honest and dedicated, she takes great pride in whatever she sets out to do, with integrity, and will not settle for anything less than a high quality end result. She always approaches every new task with as much enthusiasm as the last one, no matter what the job entails.


I highly recommend Anna to anybody who wants a valuable resource to aid them in a communicative, no nonsense way and would welcome working with her again if the opportunity arose.

Christopher Moniz

(former) Group Financial Controller

FTSE 100 Company

Anna was recruited in 2010 as an Executive Personal Assistant to support Executive members in businesses that had overseas interests and, consequently, was often required to work remotely and outwith normal working hours.  She was perfectly able to diligently and responsibly multi-task in order to fulfil her duties, both, in a busy office environment and remotely. 

Arrif Ali



Anna is able to work in highly pressured environments requiring attention to detail, sound judgement and considered planning. Anna forms good relationships across all levels - internally within an organisation and externally with key stakeholders. Anna has always been a pleasure to work with.

Company CEO

Company CEO and chair.
* Telephone reference available on request

I read an e-mail about your impending departure and I must tell you, great memories and the very best of reflections of my interactions with you came to mind….you are a complete star.

Jacky Taylor


The World is Yours

There aren’t many customers who understand this business quite like you and that has made our lives so much easier.

John Bennett

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Thanks for working patiently with us over the years.  Who would think that your news would relegate Brexit to the inside pages?

Claire Lane

Legal PA

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

It has been a pleasure working with you (to such degree as we have) and in getting to know you.

Personal Assistant

PA to CEO and Chair

I have loved working with you and you have always been so efficient and made everything easier.

Lira Winston

Assistant Director

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and kindness you have shown to me – and to all of us at PaJeS – over so many years. 

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