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Virtual Assistant vs Employee

Has it crossed your mind how a Virtual Assistant (aka VA) could be more beneficial to you than having a permanent employee on your books?

There is an increasing number of people investing more wisely by paying for work that actually gets done by a VA at the exact time that you need it and saving costs during quieter periods.

There are many reasons to consider working with a VA rather than taking on an employee but 5 reasons are listed below.

1. Playing to our Strengths

As a VA who has started their own business, we know exactly what we are good at and equally as important what support / services you require. We are able to quickly identify the challenges posed to you and your business and set to work to resolve issues and ease the pressure.

2. More Experience

Possibly a generalisation, but most VAs (certainly me!) have worked in one industry for decades, honing our skills, learning from mistakes and achieving our mastery so we can work at a higher speed with accuracy and efficiency.

As VAs are self-employed, you know that you are getting our full attention, benefiting from our passion in what we do and receiving the very best advice and support we can offer – after all, we are wanting to give 100% just as much as you expect it.

3. Cost savings

Paying for exactly what needs to be done, and not a penny more, is a huge benefit.

Getting the same support from a VA as you would an employee but not having to worry about the additional expenditure to cover their holidays, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, lunch breaks, pension, private medical cover, life assurance, NI and tax contributions, the list goes on.

What you will get from a VA is commitment to complete the tasks we enjoy doing, making your use of time far more efficient.

4. Flexibility

A VA will be invaluable when you are having a particularly busy period as you will need a ‘go-to’ person to concentrate on one particular project to make it a success or alleviate the stress caused by drowning in admin tasks.

At quiet times, you have the true flexibility to not employ someone which will, in turn, reduce your overheads.

5. Building a Great Working Relationship

A VA should gladly support building a relationship with you; after all, it is part of our ‘make-up’ to provide commitment, loyalty and ongoing support so you can get on with the stuff you are supposed to be getting on with.

Most VAs have had the experience of building up good working relationships with their bosses over many years, and this is what we thrive on: to be the eyes and ears, to be depended and relied upon, to be needed and to become hard not to have around!

We enjoy having a close working relationship with our Clients and contributing to the success of your business.

In conclusion, you and the correct VA are of the same mindset: you want to give 100%, the results are driven by passion and hard work, you just want the job done in the best way possible and your work ethic is second to none.

To find out further what AKA Virtual Assistant can help you with, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.



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