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10 Simple Ways to find the Best Kind of Virtual Assistant

“It’s easier if I do it myself!”

I get it, I really do.

Sometimes, it seems counterintuitive to spend time explaining exactly how you want things done in a specific way to another person. “Why would I pay someone to do something I can do myself?”

“I can do it quicker!”

“Another person won’t do it as well as me!”

Are you sure about that? The Virtual Assistant that you choose to work with could have decades of experience, having honed their skills to deliver a service that challenges your thoughts to improve and streamline your business.

The best kind of Virtual Assistant will do a number of things that will fill you with confidence and reassure you they are the best person to work with and right for your business. I am going to leave out the clichés that the best kind of Virtual Assistant should ‘keep calm’, be ‘hard working’, ‘organised’ and all the other characteristics that are undeniably important but should, in actual fact, be prerequisite traits rather than the differentiation of a person who supports you to an experienced assistant that has held senior level posts and is therefore able to offer more than just assistance through your direction.

1. The best kind of Virtual Assistant reads things well and plans ahead for the unexpected.

As soon as customers walked into the restaurant I worked in during my hospitality days, I read each and every one of them. One might want a quiet meal and to be left alone as much as possible, whilst another group wanted camaraderie and banter. I have learnt to read a person in what they want right now, which is as important as what they might need at any given time in the future (and this often changes).

2. The best kind of Virtual Assistant quickly understands your way of thinking.

Like a crossword puzzle, if you work with someone long enough, you get a sense of their logic and how they reason.

It might take a while to crack a challenging crossword puzzle but if you persevere with it every day, the answers will come to you more easily with time.

I have found that, through working with someone closely, I establish what they would say and do in certain situations and can act as their ambassador.

3. The best kind of Virtual Assistant will be nothing but candid with you.

You and your business will not improve by having someone who ‘just does’ as you say. I have always had a voice and delivered my honest opinion when asked. There is no point in me ‘going along with something’ I don’t believe in. There is, of course, a way of delivering such opinion; and diplomacy is a key skill to have.

4. The best kind of Virtual Assistant keeps things simple.

I am a great believer in simplicity. If something previously worked for someone, there is little point in changing it. However, if something needs improving or setting up from scratch, it is far better to do it in a way that it is logical and maintainable.

My motto is everything set up should be done so that anybody can use it effectively.

5. The best kind of Virtual Assistant is positive and proactive.

Always up for an adventure, I shall always try something new enthusiastically.

I won’t wait to be asked either. I prefer to show the person I am working with something I have done so things are made easier for them. After all, that is my purpose. To make a person’s life easier.

Some of the things I try don’t work out and that is a great opportunity to learn what to tweak next time.

6. The best kind of Virtual Assistant treats you as an individual.

It’s important to understand what will work and what won’t work for someone.

I have set things up for many people before, finessed the skills I have acquired over many years and improved upon them each and every time. If this is the first time that you are working with a Virtual Assistant, this might not come naturally to someone. Therefore, it is important I work with every person in a way in which they are comfortable, at their own pace and in their style. Linked to my first point, number 1, reading a person is an essential skill to have.

7. The best kind of Virtual Assistant is their own person.

Copy cats aren’t going to have longevity. I row my own boat, make my own mistakes and can only be authentic if I am me!

I organise myself, my work and my business in a particular way that works for me but might not work for others.

For example, I cannot save up my expenses for a month to do a bulk load at once. I record them as they come in, taking less than 5 minutes for each one. I love month end when my cashflow is up-to-date with me doing very little (less than 15 minutes to check things over).

I have never been able to stop something I am in the middle of. Overtime has never been an agenda item for me. I consider completing a task or job a priority so it gets done without delay.

8. The best kind of Virtual Assistant gets truly involved.

I have always treated my work as if I am dealing with my own affairs.

I look for the most valuable deal, produce the best written work I am capable of, manage time as effectively as possible and avoid long-winded ways of achieving things whilst ‘putting myself in people’s shoes’ to ensure I am approaching everything I tackle in a way they would.

I do have high expectations of myself and refuse to settle for anything less.

9. The best kind of Virtual Assistant keeps confidentiality their priority.

The stories that could be told! I am proud that, throughout my career, I have been highly respected for my integrity.

I have been confidante to many people throughout my career: junior members of the team, peers, senior executives and even external business associates.

I have kept business and personal matters that CEOs and MDs have shared with me under my hat and would never be tempted to betray a person’s trust.

I always err on the side of caution with anything and everything of others (whether it is financial information, physical money, personal data or private thoughts). The relationships I build are key to what makes me love what I do; trust and loyalty is everything to me.

10. The best kind of Virtual Assistant will accept knock-backs graciously.

Plans, ideas, strategies and experiences can and should be put forward and shared.

Not all them will be good, however, without providing any, none of them can be considered and value cannot be added.

I enjoy contributing in all areas of my work with people and do not take it personally when my suggestions are not taken on. I love the feeling of reward when they are implemented and I also enjoy reflecting on why my ideas might not be suitable.


In a nutshell, the best kind of Virtual Assistant never sells out.

I have never compromised on my integrity, principles, morality or authenticity and shall never change my values for personal gain.

I do what I do because organisational skills come naturally to me; whether physical processes require completion or strategic business planning implemented, I have the aptitude to cover both.

Along with my organisational skills, I have the personality and character to do what I do. I am reliable, disciplined and trustworthy.

I like to lead others, contribute to the bigger plans and feel I am being listened to.

I have never given up on anything, nor have I disregarded someone or something for an alternative.

When I’m in it, I’m in it.

Value is key.

Making people’s lives easier is the aim.

Until I stop doing that, I shall continue doing what I’m doing.


AKA Virtual Assistant would welcome the opportunity to help and it would be great to discuss your requirements further.

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