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The Art of Self Belief
and Empowerment

Breakout Session

The Art of Self Belief and Empowerment will help you recognise why believing in yourself is the first step to propelling yourself on a positive journey that is focused on your mental well-being.

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Live Webinar
25 April 2022
at 7:00pm

This is for you if you want to become more confident
in yourself, increase your resilience and feel an overall
sense of happiness for life.


Your host, as ever, makes people’s lives easier

Anna Allan, the thoughtful Mentor, Listener and Facilitator is passionate about creating a safe community in which remote and hybrid workers can share their challenges in order to support their well-being and build their confidence in an open and informal space.


Having mentored professionals in a corporate environment, Anna recognised that for all that is said, mental well-being is often overlooked. 


Having set up AKA Virtual Assistant, she has been continually reminded that people that often work for long periods alone or in a silo environment can benefit from mindful mentoring.


  • Have you had enough of not prioritising your own well-being?  Enough of putting yourself to the back of the queue.

  • Have you had enough of feeling overwhelmed before the end of the day?  Enough of feeling out of control in your daily routine.

  • Have you had enough of going round in circles wondering what to do, with little communication with others?  Enough of bottling things up because you feel you can’t open up to someone.

  • Have you had enough of feeling chained to your desk with little time out?  Enough of using ‘lack of time’ as an excuse to not look after your well-being.

You are not alone

  • It can be so easy to be swept away by your to-do list and reach the end of the day feeling exhausted with little sense of achievement. 

  • All you want to do is collapse, veg out and ‘escape’ from the pressures of the day.

  • Everything else seems more important than you and you feel you have no energy left to enjoy the daily tasks. 

  • Even the enjoyable things you used to enjoy seem like a chore.

  • It is challenging to compartmentalise things to make your life easier.​


  • I shall share a powerful tool that you can add to your daily routine to clear your mind, regain your focus and be confident in yourself to achieve your next goal.

  • A positive step towards discovering how you can effectively manage your well-being in both your business and personal life with conviction effortlessly in this free 1-hour informal webinar and interactive Q&A follow-up.

  • Learn a powerful tool to add to your daily routine to clear your mind when confronted with stressful and challenging situations.

  • Regain focus and become more productive without feeling as if you are constantly running on a hamster wheel.

  • Become more confident in yourself, increase your resilience and feel an overall sense of calm and happiness for life.

  • Become eager to confidently take your next step towards your next goal, dream or desire.

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