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A Day In the Life of AKA Virtual Assistant

I am a creature of habit and always have been. I like to know what I am doing and where I am at in all aspects of my life – until I get to my desk.

Being a Virtual Assistant, I am used to ever changing diaries, flight swaps, hotel upgrades, moving goalposts, deadlines being brought forward, projects being put on hold, and so on.

One thing I do like to know is whatever I am in control of is kept in a disciplined way.

So although life is unpredictable, a typical day for me and AKA Virtual Assistant often follows the same formula:-

02:00 – 05:00

Any time between 2:00 - 5:00am I wake up naturally, not necessarily consciously, as I suffer from insomnia and have done for years (and have tried everything to combat it!). But I am resolved and have taken heed of one doctor’s piece of advice: ‘If things are whirring around in my mind and I can’t get back to sleep and it works for me to work, I should do what makes me feel comfortable.’ If an e-mail is received at 3:00am in the morning it is not because I have sent it from the west coast of America!

So if I can’t get back to sleep (I very rarely do) I use this time to research on my iPhone, in bed so as not to wake any of my family up. I write lists of things to do, check e-mails and draft responses in part that spring to mind, make comparisons of anything that is needed in my work and if I am particularly sluggish, I will conduct personal research on things for my personal life – I hate wasting time and ‘doing nothing’.


I turn the alarm that is set for 06:00 off before it wakes anybody up. I also turn my second alarm set for 06:15 off too!


Rolling out of bed carefully (avoiding to injure my back having had major spinal surgery years ago), I get ready in my gym kit and tiptoe downstairs, avoiding to trip over our cats.


Having fed and watered our two furry friends and having a slurp of water myself, I get to it. Not the sophisticated home gym that some can only dream of (I am limited to what I can do due to suffering from Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)), I roll my mat out and stream my iPhone app through the TV and do a combination of core stability, stretching, Cardio and Tabata, where the strict instructions is no one should interrupt me. This is my time that sets me up for the day and focus on what needs to be done and what I am truly grateful for in life.


If I haven’t already been interrupted by my young daughter (who forgot she shouldn’t interrupt me), I creep upstairs again to wake her gently. Fortunately, she is a morning person and springs out of bed like there’s no tomorrow. I check e-mails again and respond to any that are urgent.


After breakfast (talking about the day ahead and learning the week’s spellings and encouraging a certain someone to eat a little quicker with less chatting) and more domestic duties, we get washed and dressed and ready for the day ahead.


I love walking my daughter to school, talking about what plans she has, what she might learn and what ‘big things’ are on my agenda.


Back at my desk, I log onto my computer (still loving the three monitors) in my office and make sure nothing urgent needs dealing with on e-mail. I make sure all my Clients are where they should be, have what they need and are doing what they want to do.


I am often too engrossed to remember to eat lunch and stop for a break to feed myself something quick and easy.


I often have to set my alarm to make sure I don’t miss the school pick up because I have ‘lost myself’ in work. I enjoy discussing what my daughter has done, what she has learnt, who she played with and what the best thing was that happened to her during the day.


I prepare supper for the family and feed my daughter early. She reads to me, we talk, we sometimes argue (it’s an age thing), we play a game or two and we start winding down for bedtime, if there is no club on that evening.


More often than not, I find myself at a club of my daughter’s and love watching her swim as she is part of a competitive club. It reminds me of the passion I had for sport and how her hard work, commitment and dedication pays off. With my eyes on my iPhone or laptop, I multi-task so that I can work and relax at the same time.


After my daughter is in bed, I get dinner on the go for my husband and I to enjoy, usually in front of the telly (I know, I know!), get the laundry on and chat about the day’s events and what we are planning for the next few days (and weekend).


By 10:00pm, I am tired. I love having the few hours to relax but I am a bit of an e-mail junky – I always have my phone on me and will check anything that comes in before bed. It gives me time to either think about my response and required action overnight or to respond to it straight away.

And another day ends as I look forward to the next one.

To find out further what AKA Virtual Assistant can help you with, get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.



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